How Implants Can Benefit You

Understanding Implants

Could they be right for you?

We know the idea of oral surgery can seem intimidating, and dental implants are no exception. You may be one of the many people who feel unhappy with their smile. You may have one or more missing teeth, or perhaps a tooth so damaged that it will soon require an extraction. No matter your situation, you are likely questioning the necessity of a surgical intervention. Should you just get used to the gap? Resign yourself to smiling with your lips closed so nobody notices your teeth? The answer is simple: Absolutely not.

Implants can and will improve your smile – both in appearance and functionality. Cosmetically speaking, the artificial tooth (or set of teeth) will certainly fill in the gaps. Implants look like natural teeth, so nobody needs to know they’re not the pearly whites you were born with. You can look in the mirror, and out at the world, with a renewed sense of confidence. No more mumbling or pressing your lips together nervously, no trying to prevent people from noticing the state of your teeth while you’re having a conversation. You can focus on enjoying the company of your family, friends, and colleagues. Trust us, after you have your implants in place, all of the attention your smile receives will be positive.

Even more important, however, is the structural support that an implant provides. Since the implant is rooted to a titanium post screwed into your jaw bone, it mimics the functionality of a natural tooth. That means you can bite, chew, and speak as you normally would. Additionally, a dental implant can prevent bone loss in a way that can’t be achieved by traditional dentures or bridges. Natural teeth stimulate the gum and jaw bone as they work on chewing food and performing other daily activities. When a tooth is lost, that stimulation ends and the underlying bone begins to deteriorate. Because implants are attached directly to that bone, they pick up where the original tooth left off, and the jaw bone remains strong and sturdy.

Dr. Smith will likely refer you to a periodontist or oral surgeon to have your implants initially placed. Afterward, restorations can usually be completed in our office. With trusted specialists working with you, and so many aspects of your health and wellness set to benefit, dental implants are an ideal option for many patients. Have the implant discussion with Dr. Smith at your next appointment – or even better, schedule that appointment today.